Project Management

Designed for companies that are looking to increase efficiency, reach project goals and deadlines, and run the greater scheme of the project. Projects will be run by our team of professionals that are able to apply specific knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to achieve project/client requirement.

project management process falls under the following:

  1. Initiating
  2. Planning
  3. Executing
  4. Monitoring and Controlling
  5. Closing

In order to complete the project objectives, Bushy Sigsug focuses on the scope, time, cost, and quality, resource, communication, risk, procurement and stakeholder of the team and project. It is highly important for our team to integrate and ensure that the project deliverables are met accordingly.

Project Management Consultancy: Before Tender

is able to join at any point of your project. Specifically, before tender, we offer many services to cater the needs of the client. Each of these services aides in smoothing out the tender transition in order to ensure the success of the project.

  • Conduct meetings with client and project team to establish project requirements.
  • Assist in the RFP for consultancy services (if not appointed).
  • Develop, manage and monitor overall project schedule in accordance to project requirements.
  • Lead the rest of the consultancy team (design / QS) on delivering the project from concept to schematic to design development phase.
  • Perform the role of Employer’s agent / representative to ensure that all works are carried in accordance to the design brief and specification

Project Management Consultancy: During / After Tender

Bushy is able to participate in your project at any stage of your project. The following is a list of services that we offer during the post-tender of the project.

  • Conduct tender process with Quantity Surveyor for the works involved. Thereafter, PM shall prepare recommendation report to client.
  • Attend site coordination meetings with the design team and contractors on all design matters for the project.
  • Monitor work progress of the contractors as well as their authority submissions.
  • Manage and monitor contractor delivery and execution to schedule and quality with project team to ensure contract requirements, project goals and objectives are met.
  • Prepare reports to client highlighting the project progress and status.
  • Monitor the carrying out of regular inspections with the appointed Contractor and design consultants to ensure that progress is achieved and construction is in line with the design brief, specifications and performance requirements and standards.
  • Ensure the instructions requiring changes in the Employer’s Requirements as authorised by the Employer are issued to the Contractor in due time.

Project Completion

  • Conduct joint inspection with the Employer or the Employer’s authorized personnel together with the contractors and consultant team.
  • Issue statement of completion to the D&B Contractor after obtaining approval from the employer on the joint inspection. (depending of contract)
  • Coordinate with the consultant team on the preparation of schedule of defects.
  • Monitor the submission of as built drawings, operating and maintenance manuals and indemnities.

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